PerfTool Collect information about your website and display it in
an easy-to-digest manner.

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This npm package displays statistics about your web pages, including Google PageSpeed Insights score, resources count, and recommendations on how to fix performance issues, html errors and much more in one custom view.

Test and compare scores from Google PageSpeed Insights on one page

Test multiple pages simultaneously on Google PageSpeed Insights

With PerfTool you can run multiple tests for Google PageSpeed Insights. Then, compare results from previous tests, set a score threshold and get detailed reports about your tests.

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Check your page’s HTML health

Get your page statistics

You can check your pages for html errors, get an external resources count and size, check load times and much more.

Over 200 data points


The PerfTool package is a combination of three plugins: Google PageSpeed Insights - to test page performance, dev-perf - to get statistics about your page, and w3cjs - to validate html.

npm install devbridge-perf-tool --save-dev require('gulp').task('perf-tool', function () { var options = { siteURL:'', sitePages: ['/', '/voice'] }; return require('devbridge-perf-tool').performance(options); });
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Additional information on the installation process and how to use the PerfTool is available on Devbridge Group’s github page.

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